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Stand up and stop bullying!

Everyone knows that bullying behaviour has long-term negative impact, but not everyone has the tools to speak up and stop it. Dare to Care provides these tools so that everyone can speak up and put a stop to bullying!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Positivity Meter and Types of Bullying

    • Positivity Meter And Types Of Bullying

    • Activity 1: Identify Types of Bullying Behaviour

    • Activity 2: THINK, PAIR, SHARE

  • 2

    I'm Tired Of Hearing The Word Bullying!

    • Conflict Vs. Bullying

    • Activity: Deep Dive Into The Diamond

  • 3

    Cyberbullying And Sexual Harassment: A Closer Look

    • Cyberbullying And Sexual Harassment: A Closer Look

    • Activity: Discussion and Analysis

  • 4

    Discrimination And Racism: Unacceptable, Full Stop! Bullying And The Law

    • Discrimination and Racism, Bullying and the Law

    • Activity: Follow Up Discussion to Degrees of Courage

  • 5

    Everybody Has A Story: LIfe Without Limits

    • Nick Vujicic: Life Without Limits

    • Activity 1: Group Reflection and Discussion

    • Activity 2: Classroom Mottos

  • 6

    One Person Can Make A Difference

    • Imbalance of Power

    • Activity 1: IPA (Initial Positive Action)

    • We ALL Have Metal Health

    • Activity 2: Iceberg

  • 7

    Lowering Our Waterlines

    • Understanding Ourselves & Others

    • Follow Up to Repairing Relationships and Conclusion

    • Activity 1: Repairing Relationships

  • 8

    Resources and Posters

    • Resources And Downloads